Saturday, May 5, 2012

A study of Brown

The last few weeks, it seems that the projects that I am working on are brown.  Arlene, the long armer, has a theory that people buy and work more with brown in times of recession and go for bright colors when times pick up.  Makes sense for me.
Anyways, I have a lot of brown scraps lying around from a few different projects that I am wanting to get rid of.  I have to say that brown is a least favorite color for me, so its a bit of a struggle.  I guess I can look for some neat patterns in brown to pep things up a bit, or even add another color what would make it sing, like orange.  I think I will have to spend some time on Flickr looking for some inspiration before I tackle it though.  Do I do something improv or something a bit more traditional?  Oh the struggle of figuring out what to do when not inspired.
Coconut Squares Runner
On a more inspiring note, I did finish another runner off, using a lovely set a Bali pre-cuts.  Its humungous but looks very rich and dramatic.  I think this will be another project that will be in the cupboard once it is done, waiting for a home.  As I don't know anyone off the top of my head whom this should go to.  Its name is Coconut Squares after the fabric line name from the manufacturer.  The pattern for this quilt is from and called squares-strips table runner.

My next project to be done this weekend is a casserole carried and laundry bag.  I think I can get these two things done before Monday morning!

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