Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Place Mats

I started a new project the other night.  I wanted to have a few quick sewing projects ready to go that I could just pick up and do some mindless sewing. I picked up this kit at The Cloth Castle in July and thought it would make a nice Christmas present for some lucky person.

The pattern is by Something Sew Find Quilt Design and called "Take Four".  It is a simple, effective pattern with a four variations.  Even better it takes fat quarters which means I can use up some of those things which seem to find their way into my shopping basket on a regular basket.

I hope to have these babies done by the weekend, ready and waiting for Christmas or gift giving.

Wednesday, August 13, 2014

Jungle Bungle Remix

Back when the snow was flying one of the Joy do good stitches ladies requested a block called the Jungle Bungle. The block was from one of my favorite bloggers, Sew Crafty Jess. The block itself is simple, square center with a border in white followed by a larger border. Easy peasy and makes a great baby quilt.

Since I always have need for some baby quilts to be ready to give away I decided to use up some of my Riley Blake collection that I have squirreled away for boy quilts.  I don't know about you but I often find it hard to find boy prints in my LQS often having to get them online instead.

The blocks took me an afternoon to make and then in the spirit of being thrifty I decided to use up some long lengths of fabric in coordinating colors to lengthen the quilt.  Of course it has a flannel backing and polyester batting that gets nice and fluffy when washed.

Arlene did the quilting on this one. The quilting reminds me of swirling ocean waves as it moves across the quilt in its variegated thread. Come to think of it I think I need to make a few more of these blocks.  Very effective no matter what way you want to place the block.

Saturday, August 9, 2014

Ironman training

Iron man training continues despite being home in Victoria for a week on holidays. Monday I walked a little over 10 km - from our house to the Colwood Lagoon. It was a good walk and I made good time, practicing my shuffle.  I think a few folks thought I was a bit crazy- like the RCMP officer who drove by me and acknowledged my wave as we passed.

The walk also had some wonderful views as well. As I got close to my end mark, there was a hole in the wall of cedar and the most wonderful view of the lagoon and the waiting sea. Very pretty and makes me feel very blessed to live in this part of the world.

A little further down the road the Fleet Diving Unit was out doing pt, sprints to be exact.  They would run by me, turn around and do it over and over again. Some of them had very nice tattoos and impressive chests.  Hard not to notice considering they were going shirtless. Petawawa is missing out, pt would be so much more interesting and fun with some eye candy to look at.

So I did 10.20 km in 1h 35 min which is a new record for me. I bet I could have been a bit faster but I was being a good pedestrian and waiting for walk lights, unlike when I am at Pet and walking down the boulevard.

And even better when I reached the beach one of the MCDV's were steaming out to deeper waters in the Strait, a lovely site to see. I wish I could have come aboard and gone out for the day.

Wednesday, August 6, 2014

Help support this important cause

Help support this important cause.

As I mentioned in previous posts, I have decided to join the Ironman Competition at CFB Petawawa. At the beginning it was a way to help with my fitness goals and just the fun of gathering with others to walk, paddle and carry that darn canoe. But as time went on I wanted to see it through to the bitter grueling end and decided that I would actually put my name in to complete the course.

Sept 10 is the date, 4 am is the time. Please join me along with the rest of the Garrison in raising funds for the Pembroke Boys and Girls Club. The link to my fundraising page is at the top of this post. Thanks in advance for your generous contributions.


Monday, August 4, 2014

August Joy Bee Blocks

Its my turn once more to host and choose the bee blocks for Joy do. good stitches.  I had been going through all the blocks I had chosen as a favorites and kept on changing my mind on what to do. In the end I thought I would do a block that is a simple HST ( half square triangle) and when put all together it reminds me of the God's eye craft made out of Popsicle sticks and yarn.

The colors were chosen using a layout from Design Seeds.  I love that sight for color inspiration and wonderful photography. As you can see the colors are colors of the water and sand and a bit of moonlight (light grey) thrown in.

I think it is going to be a gorgeous quilt when it is all done. And since it is all HST's I might have to use this block pattern to use up some of those charm packs I have stashed away in the closet.

Sunday, August 3, 2014

Seven years ago today was our wedding. At five in the afternoon on a lovely summer day we married with the ocean at our side and family gathered in a circle around us. Hard to believe that it has been seven years. Where did the time go?

My niece and I

 Our photos were taken at the Gorge waterway prior to the wedding. Forget superstition about seeing each other prior to the wedding. I guess you can say we are non traditional as a couple.

 I loved my dress.  I found it in an afternoon of shopping for dresses.  As I only had four months to get a dress, I had to take what they had in stock, but I think it did good. It was white duchess satin, with gold and silver embroidery in the shape of flowers on the bodice and the panels on the skirt.
 We had gorgeous flowers at the tables. I saved and saved funds so that we could have live flowers, my favorite the star gazer lilies. Afterwards we gave our flowers to one of the seniors homes to enjoy.
I was so tempted to push him into the water.
 This is one of my favorite moments of our wedding. We forgot that on a Friday afternoon the sea planes would be taking off and landing in the harbor.  In the middle of our vows, Craig turned and pretended he was a machine gunner, taking aim at the planes that were coming it.  It was hilarious and so him.

Wednesday, July 30, 2014

July Bee Blocks

After being off in June, the Joy do good stitches bee is back at her, making blocks for Lily Mama who requested a Greek Cross block based on a tutorial from Faith at Fresh Lemons.  I chuckled a bit when I saw this block as I made this quilt up when it was run as a quilt a long a few years ago.

my version of the sampler

It is a great block and a wonderful one to use up those scraps that always seem to be over flowing. I decided to use up some of mine, in particular the Carnaby Street line by Pat Bravo. We were requested to make two blocks using a photo of multi colored popsicles as our stepping off point. Love it.

one of two blocks