Wednesday, March 25, 2015

We Three Pillowcases

At the beginning of January I picked up some pillowcase kits at my LQS. I found Olaf and Angry Birds and the Frozen Sisters. The pattern that was used was the burrito method or roll up method that you can find at Missouri Quilt Co ontheir tutorials. 

I must say it is easier to watch the tutorial that try to follow what is typed into words in the packets instruction. Either that or I was having a challenging day when it came to pattern instruction interpretation. This will now be the standard way that I make pillowcases.


Monday, March 23, 2015

March Joy blocks

This month at my quilt bee Carla asked that we make churndash blocks for her.  She was kind enough to say that she did not have a color or style in mind either.  As long as they are 12' that was all that matters.

Pretty good deal to me.  So I dug into my scraps and played with a few options and came up with these babies.

Friday, March 20, 2015

Ice Pack Covers

 After reading an article about a Montreal restaurant trying to have no food waste from the kitchen I thought I would do the same with fabric. I would try to use up some of bits of flannel I had lying around after making some baby receiving blankets. 

I had this ice pack for ages that I picked up from Michael’s  a while back. I like it as it is small and works well to get those small areas. Sadly it does not have a cover so I thought this flannel would make a nice cover for it. 

There is nothing fancy about this.  Sew around three sides, turn up the hem, hem and voila! Done. Now to see if I can find some more small ice packs and use up remaining three or I could make some small heating pads that would be perfect for little kids!.. That is the way to go. 

Monday, March 16, 2015

Radiant Orchid - Nov joy bee blocks

The top is done and quilted. Now to put on the binding. Looks pretty good and I love the wavy line quilting that Arlene did on it for me.

Monday, March 9, 2015

Left overs

I made a quilt using the Tonga treats flavor, Gelato a few years ago.  Love the colors in this line. With the left overs I decided I would make a runner but I had some more blocks.  I did have a plan of putting them in the orphan block pile and making a sampler quilt, but when I saw them hanging on the wall, looking so pretty I decided that I would buy some more and make another quilt top. YUP.
So much for trying to use up scraps and not buy anything new!

Saturday, March 7, 2015

Penny Sqared

The first quilt I wanted to make out of Sue Pfau book, Quilts from Sweet Jane, is called Penny Lane. Rather than use a fabric line that was currently out on the market I thought it would be great to use up my ever growing stack of bali fabrics.  I have a lovely stack of bali’s.  They along with the oriental fabrics are the ones I hoard, seldom cutting into cause they are so lovely and I want to have just the right pattern that showcases their beauty. 

I thought that this pattern would be a perfect way to show off their prettiness along with allowing some fine needle work with the quilting. I have slowly been working away at the pile of blocks, doing a few every few nights and then moving on to another project. I hope to lay out the blocks and stare at them for a while getting them all organized just right.