Monday, July 6, 2015

Gracie Girl Remix

This year is all about using up fabric from old projects.  You know those bits and pieces that every quilter says I will just put this over here and make thus and such from the left overs. Of course the next bit of frippery comes along in the form of fabric and our attention is pulled in another direction.

That is not to say that I have not be experimenting with new fabric, I have. But I am trying to balance it out with old stuff too. One of those fabrics is a Riley Blake line called Gracie Girl. I bought it because it reminded me of my mom, Grace. I made her a lovely quilt with the material. And was surprised at how much fabric I had left over from the fat quarter bundle.

So I decided to make some square in squares of various sizes and make some small baby quilts with them.  The first quilt has been fashioned after a quilt I saw on Jedi Craft Girls website,  where she used my favorite nautical prints.

I made this first quilt and still have a enough to make another one that will be at least a lap size. I had Tracey quilt this one up for me and added some left over binding I had from the first project and VOILA! A baby quilt ready for a baby girl.

Friday, July 3, 2015

July bee blocks

It was my turn once more to pick bee blocks for Joy@ do good stitches on Flickr this month. I think I scared everyone when I posted the June blocks. As it turned out we take a break in June and I forgot.  So I needlessly panicked and did up my blocks feeling bad thinking i was 5 days late.

I wanted very strong, summer colors that would work well for a teen or a male so went with shades of teal, navy, aqua along with orange and yellow. White is the background and will showcase nicely the other fabrics.  I hemmed and hawed about the block pattern to choose but when I went to Badskirts blog and followed the link back to her Cloud9  block entry I knew what I was going to do.

This block will give me four layout options for a quilt top that will be fun to play with.  I can't wait to see what the ladies will come up with.  In the meantime I will make a few more blocks to add to the collection cause I think I will need more than what the ladies will make.

Tuesday, June 30, 2015

Hello Maui

Earlier in June I had the opportunity to go to Maui for my spiritual retreat. Hay House was presenting their Writing from the Soul workshop with Doreen Virtue and Wayne Dyer.  For many years now I have had another goal floating its way to being and this course seemed to come around at that right time. 

the beach view

Getting permission from work, and gathering my pennies I flew to one of the most gorgeous places in the world. While the course itself was at the Maui Westin, I am so glad that I stayed at a lower key hotel called Kaanapali Beach Hotel.  They had beach front, a pool along with a great balcony that I could sit on at night and listen to the performers that came in.  My new favorite song is Somewhere over the Rainbow on the ukelele.

floral at the Westin Maui

As I spent two and a half days in lectures there was not a lot of free time to explore the island. Being aware of time differences as such I did not want to push it like normal and return home exhausted. So I explored some of the island but not all of it hoping to leave some adventures for my next trip there. Its definitely a place that I want to go back and visit again.

what Sailor misses an opportunity to pose with an anchor

Thursday, June 25, 2015

Mother's Day Placemats

 I had started early on my mothers day/ birthday gifts this year.  Of course like last year, a rush of work got in the way of my production and I did not have enough down time at the sewing machine to get it done in time.

But I persisted and got them done.  The pattern is a very simple yet effective one from Sew Mama Sew. If you make your geese according to the no waste flying geese method that will help your sewing time along with making accurate geese.

I used fabrics from another project that I had left over as I thought they would be very bright and happy- just the thing for a long Alberta winter that doesn't want to leave.  They still had snow as of 2 May.  Brrr. Not sure how much Mom will like the bright colors, but I know Dad will, particularly the orange! And I know they regularly use placemats so they will come in handy even if the color may not be her cup of tea! But she is my mom so she will oh and ahh just like she did over the macaroni glitter covered soup tin pencil holder I made her in kindergarten.

Love you MOM.

Tuesday, June 23, 2015

Black White and Cream Quilt

Back when the snow was flying around these parts I started on a quilt made from an assortment of cream, black, and greys.  My LQS had a fabric line that was pretty without being too feminine which I thought would make a great quilt. I paired the fabric with a pattern from Quilts from Sweet Jane by Sue Pfau.

Her patterns are very clear to follow, well written and go together well. Since she uses mostly pre-cuts the patterns allow me to use up the stash of pre-cuts that I have to make pretty well loved quilts. I am currently working my way through the book and have made four out of ten patterns.

This quilt was quilted using a cream thread in a large circle swirling motion. The back is one of the larger prints used in the top of the quilt that makes it very showy and pretty but not too girly.  As I was sewing down the binding outside at a picnic table one of the guys at work commented on it positively so it can't be that feminine if a tough Sergeant likes it.

Sunday, June 21, 2015

Military Max

When Riley Blake came out with their Military Max line of fabrics I knew that I had to order at the very least a charm pack. Working on a military base with a lot of young soldiers there are babies being born almost on a weekly basis.  I do not know what our local ob/gyn would do with out our young soldiers keeping them up at night!

Sadly the place that had them on sale only carried layer cakes so I bought one knowing that I would have leftovers and be able to make two quilts.  The first quilt that I made was for the Acting Officer Commanding, Jenni.  She was expecting a baby boy as it would turn out to be at the end of May.  I cut it pretty close to the deadline literally hand stitching the binding 30 min before the baby shower.  Then it was running off to take photos before it was given away. Lucky me outside our offices is plenty of green army stuff to help make a neat backdrop.

Its hard to tell from these photos but it pattern is from Quilting Quickly ( I think but don't hold me to it). The HST's make a large star effect that is quite pretty and works well with the fabrics. The scale of the fabric line was not so huge to make things challenging so that was a plus has well.

Tuesday, June 16, 2015

Go Sens Quilt

f you living the nations capital region you are familiar with the Ottawa Senators.  Their colors are red, black and white and sadly for me they are the closest hockey team to my current location.  There are a lot of folks around work who have Sens propaganda in their offices and go on and on about their wins and losses. And don't get me started on the Leafs and Canadiens.

Getting ready for the numerous departures that happen in June, I have some quilts to make and one of course will have a Sens theme or at least their colors. The pattern is called Woven Eights and I got it at my LQS, Bib'n Tucker.  It is made for the jelly roll so I went and got a red and white jelly maple roll, add some black solid and an easy quilt top that is a good cuddle quilt size. 

I was surprised how fast it went together, a few hours after supper I had the strips together and pressed, while the next day I cut them all out and sewed the centers and added the black edging. After finishing I wanted to add borders as the pattern calls for but decided to make a piano key border instead of just straight strips banding the quilt. That meant another jelly roll but it was worth it.  I like it better than just a banded border.

 Tada! The quilting is done using white thread in a very jagged geometric pattern that really suits the quilt and helps keeps its masculinity. The back is a soft wide width cotton that makes it nice for washing and won't pill like flannel would.