Wednesday, November 26, 2014

Green Stars

On my quest to complete eight quilts in time for Christmas, I decided that I would make a pattern from a book I recently picked up, Vintage Quilt Revival by Katie Clark Blakesley, Lee Heinrich and Faith Jones.  Faith did up a quilt called Geometric Slide Quilt using the double Z block.  Personally I don't see the Zzzz"s but flying wings of a bird when I look at this block.

This was an interesting quilt to make due to the process. I thought I had enough of the background to do that whole quilt in the lime green but sadly ran out and did not have enough to float the blocks which meant I had to go out and buy some new fabric for it. I chose a darker lime with a small check print on it which tones nicely with the whole thing.

But it is a bright quilt - good thing the little boy that it is intended for is bright and shining with a huge personality.  They will match each other quite nicely I think,

Sunday, November 23, 2014

Greek Cross quilt

One of the more recent bee blocks that we did up for Joy do good stitches was called Greek Cross. Since the block was dead simple and  a good way to use up the scraps. That led me to pull all my pink scraps out of the bin and spend a few hours cutting and ironing pieces to make into this quilt. 

About three hours of sewing and I had a lovely set of blocks and still more to come.  I had no clue I had cut up that many scraps of pink to make this quilt, but I can easily make two quilts with all these scraps.

But before I go with the two quilt option I think I will make this one a bit bigger and see if it will use up the large majority. I am sure that I will have no issue finding a home for this very pink quilt.  Too bad I didn't replace that one block in the bottom right corner where it is very very pale pink.

Wednesday, November 19, 2014

Martinque Quilt Top Finish

I finally completed this top.  I used a pattern from Fon’s and Porter that involved HST’s and then sashed the lot.  While I had the HST’s made quickly from a bunch of charm packs I found on sale, the progress slowed until I could find the right sashing fabric. It took a trip to Ottawa and three quilt stores later and I found it, a piece of Kate and Birdie lattice.  Once I started putting on the lattice I realized I did not cut enough strips and thought I had run out of fabric only to find it a month later, I had tucked the remains in the pile for bindings for finished quilts.  Do you every have anything like that happen to you? 

Not sure how I want this quilted.  It is very soft and feminine so I think the pattern will need to reflect that, rather than my favored harder edged geometric shapes. Perhaps a cream thread to keep it soft as well. I think I will leave this one for Arlene to “surprise me”! Every few months I give her a quilt where I say let yourself play on this one.  I get good results….

Sunday, November 16, 2014

Gelato Runner

This runner is a copy of one I saw in an ad from Connecting Threads. Since I had more than enough fabric around I decided rather than ordering a kit I would make my own and just work on it now and then. 

The fabric is a Tonga treat called Gelato paired with a neutral bali background. Good news is I have enough to make two of these. Now to find something for a border and backing.  I think I should have something in my stash of balis which I have such a hard time cutting into cause they are just to beautiful.

Wednesday, November 12, 2014

Oink Doodle and Moo

I made this quilt in the spring of this year.  If I remember correctly during a weekend blizzard when no excuses were needed to stay in orders and hibernate. The fabric is by Jenn Ski and called Oink a Doodle Moo.  It has a strong agricultural theme as I overheard one quilter say which means it is a farm print.  Just up my alley. It’s in strong primary colors and a perfect quilt for a little boy.  


The pattern is from Camille Roskelleys book and it came together wonderfully.  I used a layer cake of this and found that I had enough left over I could make another quilt, which I will call Oink a Doodle Moo Remix.  I will show you that shortly.  I ran out of fabric for the background shortly after starting, then was on exercise and had to move so it’s taken until now to get re oriented. 

The quilting is done by Arlene of course and you could tell she had fun with this one.  The stitching is in green thread and is simply a wavy pattern on the black with grass tufts every few inches.  In the blocks I had asked her to write the sounds that you would hear on the farm, like oink…..

I bound the quilt in a multicolor dot on black which brings the whole thing together.  It took a lot longer than I normally expect to finish this one. I  have a pile now of year old quilts that are waiting for their bindings to be stitched down. I don’t like to machine sew the binding even if it is faster as I don’t like the look so for now they are piled up waiting for Christmas leave period to get done.

Sunday, November 9, 2014

Aqua Star Quilt

Every few months I will order scrap packs from Hawthorne Threads just to add some variety to my fabrics.  In these packs I get pieces of fabric from a 5” to fat quarter piece which is more than enough to put into a scrappy or monochromatic quilt. The other thing is that there are often pieces from one line or that coordinate in there as well. I don’t know if the owners do that intentionally but it works well for me. 

 From this batch there was a lovely aqua grey theme fabric and some coordinating pieces.  I added the medium value aqua from my stash along with a variety of whites but the rest of the fabric came from the scrap pack.  Best $11 spent. 

 I decided to go with a small six inch Sawtooth star mixing aqua, grey and green with a nice bright white background. Seeing as it looked too blank as a bunch of stars, I added a darker aqua to the mix and ta da! As you can see from the photo below the addition makes the quilt look so pretty.

 But I was not done yet, I decided it needed to be a bit bigger and I added some borders to round it out. This quilt will go off to Arlene to quilt up of course and I will show you the finished end result when it comes in.

Wednesday, November 5, 2014

Black and White

I had a HUGE pile of black and white scraps that I wanted to get whittled down and use up. I admit that I wanted something quick and speedy and the pattern by Me and My Sister Designs called L7 fit the bill. It was relaxing making this quilt or should I say quilts as I had enough to make two. I added to the initial pattern to make it 52 x 64 before putting on the outside border.

With the leftovers I made a baby quilt, rather than using the bits for the backing. And them after that I found another 11 blocks buried under a pile of fabric beside the sewing table. That will teach me to have six projects on the go at the same time. That said while the quilts uses the same block and some of the same fabrics they look different when compared to one another. Now my biggest problem is to find a place to photograph them all without rain or mud interfering with the crisp white background.

Apologies for not showing the whole quilt but I did not have it totally bound and was running out of time before my flight departed to get a picture done of the quilting.  My personal favorite thing about this quilt is the back, in a black and white chevron minky fabric that I found in the remanent bin at my fabric store.  Got to love that.