Friday, February 27, 2015

Anchors Aweigh

After much searching I finally found the Anchor quilt photo. Now for the life of me I cannot get it rotated.  My goodness what a pain this has turned out to be. But you can see for yourself it looks pretty darn good.

I can't wait to see the quilting that Arlene will be doing on it.

Sunday, February 22, 2015

Halloween Runners

Last fall I downloaded a book to my table, called Simply Modern Christmas by Cindy Lammon. I had seen her runner pattern from this book in a magazine and thought I need to make a whole bunch of those style of runners as gifts for friends.

Of course I thought I would do a test prior to making all the Christmas versions, and pulled out some bits of Halloween fabric that I had lying around that  I did not know what to do with. I know as you read this you think what about Valentines, couldn't you make a runner out of pieces of that fabric? I could but I couldn't find it the stash! Anyways, in an hour I had a runner top together. 

The runner is really very simple and if you have an eye for fabric you can make a stunner with the right center fabric.  I want to try to make one out of balis and see what that looks like. I am betting it will be equally as gorgeous.

Sunday, February 15, 2015

Anchors Away Progress

Last year while the snow was blowing outside my window I started Tula Pinks Anchors Aweigh quilt. I made a post on it and actually started a second post on my progress.  I spent a weekend marathon sewing and completed rows 1, 2,3,4,5,6 and 8.  One and eight are a bit of a cheat cause you do both in one go, so it doesn't really count.  I do like the look of this quilt despite that fact I did not use the dogwood color that the designer recommended in the pattern.

My plan, and you know how it is with best laid plans, is to have the top done before the middle of July 2014 and have it professionally quilted. My long arm quilter Arlene is going to HATE me cause I want really heavy quilting on this thing.  But its going to look great in our spare room.

And as best laid plans go, I did not get this done to take home in July.  In fact it became WIP # 2 for 2015.  The top is done, threads snipped and ready to take home for quilting. I can't wait to see what kind of quilting goes on it.  No way I am giving this baby away.  If I have a wall big enough I want to see about hanging it for decor purposes.

Sadly I did not have enough left overs to make the back and there is very little left of this collection for sale on line. It will be interesting when it comes time to bind the quilt what material I can scrounge out of the leftovers! And wouldn't you know it, I never took at picture of the top. Oh dear, I'm slipping after not blogging for a month.

Wednesday, February 11, 2015


January came in pretty gloomy which resulted in me thinking I needed some nice new fabric in a coral shade to cheer me up. I went online to Hawthorne Threads and looked to see what they had and ended up with this lovely stack of fat quarters.

Nice eh? Now what do I make out of them?

Sunday, February 8, 2015

January Joy do. good stitches bee

For a number of years I have belonged to a quilt be that makes quilts for charitable causes. My bee group is call Joy and is made of Canadian quilters.  This month was my turn to pick a pattern and colors and ask the ladies to make a block or two.

The colors that I choose are from my favorite color site, Design Seeds, who posted a photo called Logged.  As it was cold and I was wanting nothing more than to warm up in front of a fire it thought it was very appropriate.

The block pattern is from the Fat Quarter Shop and was part of their Wishes quilt along.  The pattern is called, Stair Step. This block is very simple to put together and will look great when combined together for a scrappy look.

Sunday, January 4, 2015

First Quilt top of 2015

I made a quilt back in March of last year and had some left overs that were very plentiful.  As they were balis I couldn't bear to toss them into the garbage so I put them aside in the to do something with some day pile and forgot about them.

Yesterday I was cleaning up that pile and deciding what would be my first WIP of the year and this one came to mind. It was a no brainer really as a quarter of the work as already done in the strip pieces. I just sewed them end to end to be a certain length and added a lovely soft blue grey solid and Voila! a quilt top is made.

not the greatest picture but you get what it looks like.

Next step to make the backing and cut the batting and get this ready to send off to Arlene the long armer.  I think this will make a lovely gift for someones posting out party.

Wednesday, December 31, 2014

Happy Almost New Year

What a year I had. It is hard to believe that it is coming down to the close and the final grains of sand are pouring out of the hourglass and we start all over again. I like the sound of that - starting over again. I know that can be a challenge but it also is a blessing too, being able to start with a clean slate, a blank canvas and create what your life will be this year. 

I had a great year in 2014. Yes there were some things that truly sucked and were painful at the time, but the grace of God is balm to the soul and the ego and I survived. Never give up no matter how many no's you get, how many doors keep getting slammed in your face, right?! That was the attitude I took even more strongly than I ever have in the past and it was the right thing to do. The greatest lesson was listening to that little voice of the Divine, my personal cheerleader urging me on. And that is exactly what I did.  

Even though not all went to plan, I also had some great things happen - just like most days, weeks, months and years. It’s life. Challenges make me better if I embrace them, even if I have to kick and scream along the way, well, figuratively, not literally! Okay, maybe a few tears, stomps and air-punches.

One of the things I am the most proud of is entering the Ironman. While I did not complete the 50 km course, I did go 34 km until I timed out. While many compete against others my challenge was to compete against myself and use the activity as a spiritual discipline. Kind of like my version of the ancient idea of pilgrimage. It was awesome, painful, hopeful, funny and a whole host of other emotions. I had wonderful team mates who encouraged and yelled at me and rescued me, and I gave others some wonderful tall tales to tell about that crazy Padre from 2 Service Battalion. I hope to do it again this year and cross the finish line, even it if takes me 12 hours to do so. 

Another high is being the person at the right place at the right time. What do I mean by this? From the months of August - Nov I was supporting people who were suicidal. One after another. It felt like it would never end. You would just get one person over a crisis and there would be yet another knock at the door.  But we got through, all of us. Thank God for the blessings of life and meeting us in our lows. 

I got a lot of quilting done despite deploying for a few months and moving from one barracks room to another. I have a sampling of many of those quilts in a mosaic below for you to look at.

Quilty finishes for 2014. All except for 6 quilts whose photos I could not find.
At the end of the year, I like to reflect on something that Arianna Huffington so eloquently says: “Live for your eulogy, not your resume.” I think that this is a great way to step in to the new year that is so full of possibilities yet dreamed of.  I'm pretty excited for the New Year.!
 I’d like to leave you today with the words of one of my favorite poets, Rainer Maria Rilke:

“And now we welcome the new year, full of things that have never been.”

Love and blessings to all,