Sunday, April 29, 2012

Aye, Aye Sir!

I spent a lovely four hours today with the Canadian Forces Sailing Association at their Opening the Sailing season celebration. My role was to be the official prayer and boat blesser.  While the weather cooperated (meaning it didn't rain, always a concern on the west coast) it was a overall nice day even if a bit chilly.

The Navy provided the lead ship Naval Tender Caribou in place of HMCS Oriole who is in for repair, and I stood on the upper deck with my glass bowl of holy water and cedar branch blessing the ships are they went by.  About 30 vessels in all. 
On the quilting front, I went to my local quilt store and purchased some odds and ends to finish off some projects, and to make some project packs (quilts that I want to make).  I also cut out two new projects as well.  Now to find some time to work on them.  The last few weeks I have been pretty tired after work and not all that interested in sewing so I live in hope that this week is a bit different. But we will see how it goes!  I also have to start on my Mother's Day gift leaving enough time for it to be popped in the mail and get there in time too.

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