Thursday, June 11, 2015


I am currently waiting in the Vancouver Airport for the DH to come over from the Island and do some traveling with me.  Since I have a 8 hr wait until the next flight, I am using the time to pull my mind from work as it has been fast and furious and its not always easy to get into a non work head space. During my second hour here I met a sweet man Bob, who volunteers at the welcome kiosk.  He has been married 59 years come next week.  He says his wife is moving his bags closer to the door that is why he is working at the airport.  You know when I get to be his age and I want to work I will have to consider this.  Forget the Walmart greeter- this might be right up my alley as I am good at providing answers, telling people where to go with a big smile, RIGHT?

So I have been here long enough now to have three peeves: there is no place to check a bag and walk around in the secure area which means I have to carry the 14lb computer bag and purse.  If i rotate arms I can pretend I am doing pt at the gym with kettle bells.  Number two while the place had lots of plugs and workstations put in during the Olympics, they have since capped over the power source.  I had read a comment from one of my quilting peeps who stopped at this airport and said the same. She was right.  Good news Starbucks is handy and its not so busy in the concourse areas that I can't find a spot to plug in. And finally the bathrooms are in weird spots - at the ends of the building it appears and not in the middle. So glad i went on the plane or I would be like a little boy i read about peeing into the fake grasses in an airport concourse.  When you got to go you got to GO!

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