Friday, May 22, 2015

Owl be seeing you Kid

One of my colleagues had a grandson born a month ago.  The wives of the chaplains and me held a baby shower.  I only go to these things to have some baby time.  Newborns are so wonderful and little Robert is no exception. What a sweetie.

His mom, likes owls and when I heard that I went on the hunt for some owl fabric.  I had some at home in BC but it doesn't do me much good 3000 km away. I found some that had some nice boy colors in it and went to town.

The back

The quilt has some solid prints in soft moss green and teal, along with some other prints to make it interesting.  The quilt is made of rectangles and is set on the diagonal.  Easy peasy to put together.  I think I wasted more time trying to figure out what color to place where.

The front
The pattern has come from a recent Fresh Quilts magazine except on their version they put on an applique  fox which was pretty cute. I did not have enough time to applique a owl so I just left it off, but the overall look is good. And for extra good measure I used the left over owl fabric on the back. 

I have just enough scraps to make a scrappy 3"block baby quilt.  The rate I am needing baby quilts, this bunch of left overs might save my bacon!

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