Thursday, December 18, 2014

Greek Cross Quilt Finish

A few months ago for the Joy do. Good stitches bee we were asked to make the Greek cross block in brights.  It is such a lovely effective block that I decided to recreate it and use up my pile of pink scraps up.  Sadly it barely it made it dent.  

 After quilting for over 20 years now, I have to start doing some significant purging on a regular basis or monthly make a scrap quilt in order to keep on top of the scraps.  While it is nice to have a variety of fabrics to make just about anything that one of my bee mates requests, sometimes one can have just too much that does not allow for any new pieces to come in. And making scrappy backs out of the other pieces can make a good dint in things it can also be more time consuming, cause I of course want the back to have some sort of a design if I am going to mix up my fabrics. Is it odd to say that I find it so much easier to do a solid back rather than have to work hard to mix it up. 

When I had some time I made a kit of sorts of all the pink scraps and background material all cut into the appropriate shapes and put them in a ziploc with instructions so I could just take them out and sew. I am finding that the moments some weeks to sew is very limited so having something that I can take up and put down is good. These blocks I can do one in less than 5 min which helps me to feel productive. 


Once I had made 25 blocks I laid them out and played around with a setting that was pleasing. I really like how striking this top is and envision another one coming to this blog sometime soon. The quilting is an all over loop pattern and was done by Tracey.

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