Tuesday, December 16, 2014


I find it challenging to find quilt patterns for boys that over the age of two. Some of the novelty print can be so insipid and too childish or not suitable for the interests of the boy that I am creating for.
from cottonnoveltyfabrics.com
 Over a year ago, I bought some superhero fabric and cut it up and started making a quilt.  The blocks were simple rectangles with strips of solid inserted every few inches. As I got going on this I really did not like how it looked and certainly did not want to make a whole quilt out of it. So the whole project went into the closet until such time as some great idea popped into my head.

Fast forward to a year later, the blocks emerge and I decided to re-purpose the whole thing. I started free styling with the panel piece in the center, added some border and added some of those blocks as a testament to the original quilt.  I did a bit of applique trying to fill in the red borders cause they were looking pretty massive.

Since I wanted to lengthen the quilt a bit I made some cross plus blocks (10") to add to the top and bottom and voila. I really like how the cross plus blocks look in this fabric.

energetic quilting - Bam POW!

The final result is a neat quilt top for an energetic boy who has got some BAM POW moves of his own. I asked Tracey the long armer to use an energetic pantograph to quilt it and I think it works quite nicely.

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