Saturday, December 20, 2014

Holy Cow Batman

If you read the post about the Superman quilt, you know I was making some quilts for little boys. I found the Batman fabric relatively easily but this time instead of not liking the block, I didn't like how the fabrics played together.  It was too busy, too much color ( I know weird for me to say) and just unappealing.

On a shopping trip to a local quilt store I found a lovely Batman fabric who's colors were much nicer and decided to use it as the base for the quilt. I added some blue and yellow fabrics, cut out strips and then re sewed them to make a 8"block.  I added in solid blue to make the blocks go further and them laid out the quilt in a pleasing manner.  The quilting is the energetic pantograph in a blue thread that blends it all together.

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