Sunday, November 9, 2014

Aqua Star Quilt

Every few months I will order scrap packs from Hawthorne Threads just to add some variety to my fabrics.  In these packs I get pieces of fabric from a 5” to fat quarter piece which is more than enough to put into a scrappy or monochromatic quilt. The other thing is that there are often pieces from one line or that coordinate in there as well. I don’t know if the owners do that intentionally but it works well for me. 

 From this batch there was a lovely aqua grey theme fabric and some coordinating pieces.  I added the medium value aqua from my stash along with a variety of whites but the rest of the fabric came from the scrap pack.  Best $11 spent. 

 I decided to go with a small six inch Sawtooth star mixing aqua, grey and green with a nice bright white background. Seeing as it looked too blank as a bunch of stars, I added a darker aqua to the mix and ta da! As you can see from the photo below the addition makes the quilt look so pretty.

 But I was not done yet, I decided it needed to be a bit bigger and I added some borders to round it out. This quilt will go off to Arlene to quilt up of course and I will show you the finished end result when it comes in.

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