Wednesday, November 12, 2014

Oink Doodle and Moo

I made this quilt in the spring of this year.  If I remember correctly during a weekend blizzard when no excuses were needed to stay in orders and hibernate. The fabric is by Jenn Ski and called Oink a Doodle Moo.  It has a strong agricultural theme as I overheard one quilter say which means it is a farm print.  Just up my alley. It’s in strong primary colors and a perfect quilt for a little boy.  


The pattern is from Camille Roskelleys book and it came together wonderfully.  I used a layer cake of this and found that I had enough left over I could make another quilt, which I will call Oink a Doodle Moo Remix.  I will show you that shortly.  I ran out of fabric for the background shortly after starting, then was on exercise and had to move so it’s taken until now to get re oriented. 

The quilting is done by Arlene of course and you could tell she had fun with this one.  The stitching is in green thread and is simply a wavy pattern on the black with grass tufts every few inches.  In the blocks I had asked her to write the sounds that you would hear on the farm, like oink…..

I bound the quilt in a multicolor dot on black which brings the whole thing together.  It took a lot longer than I normally expect to finish this one. I  have a pile now of year old quilts that are waiting for their bindings to be stitched down. I don’t like to machine sew the binding even if it is faster as I don’t like the look so for now they are piled up waiting for Christmas leave period to get done.

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