Sunday, September 7, 2014

Navy Fizz Finish

Navy Fizz
As mentioned a few posts ago I made a very simple quilt for a retirement gift for one of my colleagues. I picked it up on the weekend and spent a few hours sewing away on the binding. The quilting is a simple curling wave which suits a quilt with a navy theme.

  My colleague Stephen (in the white shirt) is a Methodist minister who has faithfully served many parishes and in the Canadian Forces. He has reached retirement age and has decided that he would retire.Selfishly I say that is a shame as he is a humble faithful man who's wisdom and support I and many others have been grateful for.

 It is interesting going to these Depart with Dignity ( another name for retirement parties) as you never know who will show up. In the case of many clergy it is a good sampling how how many peoples lives you have interacted intimately with over the years and a reminder of how small our Canadian Forces is.

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