Sunday, June 22, 2014

Afghanistan Memorial Parade

Earlier this month, Ottawa named a day in June as a day to mark the end of the Afghan campaign and to honor the dead and their families. As the 2 CMBG was out in Wainwright for most of May and June, we missed the event in Petawawa.  Yes we marked the day with with silence out in the field but local folks in Petawawa thought we missed out.  Not sure if every solider would agree with that thought, especially when they had to come in on leave and give up a day and a half for parade practise and the parade.
But it was a lovely day weather wise, and things went pretty smoothly.  Only a handful of people were taken off the parade due to fainting in the heat.  Got to admit, wool uniforms in the hot sun is not always a good combination.  I so like the navy's idea of a summer parade, wearing the white shirt and pants.  Yeah some folks see us and want to call us ice cream but its cooler than wearing wool pants and a suit jacket.

parade square right side
About 3000 personnel were on parade.  Its quite a sight to see and hear.  Amazing to hear the stomp of boots en mass as folks come to attention. Of course the chaplains had a role as well. The former CDS shown below called us the CF's emotional sponges and urged members to hug their chaplain.  We will see how many folks remember that on Monday morning.  It was kind of funny that statement as one of my WO's at a mug out said I was giving away hugs and kisses to members leaving the unit. Maybe one way or another I will get some hugs....

 There were displays of our equipment for children and families to check out.  Isn't that helicopter massive?  It was hovering outside my bedroom window on Friday night, scared the life out of me cause I thought something was wrong. Instead they were practising landing in a tight space.

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