Thursday, June 12, 2014

Settling In

After arriving at an ungodly hour in Petawawa, I slept 12 hours then got up and went shopping. LOL.  While I did not need anything, I could not stand my messy room and didn't have the energy to tackle it.  Prior to departing on EXMR14, I moved from one barrack room to another.  While this one is newer,larger and cleaner it has less storage which means a big toss out is on the way. Its amazing how much one accumulates quickly. While the room doesn't quite look like something out of Hoaders a definite sort and clear is needed. 

A messy room that would not pass inspection
 First of all move out the army and navy kit... that alone takes up lots of space which the unfortunate designers of this building did not keep in mind. And who builds a closet in a 66" opening and only uses 44" inches for hanging clothes.  The other inches were made into these cubby holes that are too big to put folded clothes into and keep then nicely.  Grrrr.  So many things that are not user friendly. 

Enough of the gripping, I went to IKEA and found some helpful items that whittled down the mess significantly. I have nine days leave to get myself sorted out, which hopefully will be enough time!

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