Monday, May 12, 2014

Garden Redo

Four years ago when we moved into this house, the landscaping was horrible.  Clean fill over pieces of rubble, sod in places and a partial fence. The plants that were not dead were well one the way or over grown. Needless to say we went to our local greenhouse, had a plan made and had the outside given some attention. The photo below is what the space looked like before plants when in.

One of the mistakes that we made was to put thyme around the pavers in the front flower bed. When it was weed free and blooming it looked great, but when looking scraggly, running errant not so much. Since the hubby wasn't making weeding his priority at least once during the month we did a 20 hour marathon to get the beds back to their weed free state.

We bought at least 60 bags for mulch, many of which we refilled with weeds once we has a rhythm going. Did you know the bags weigh 30 lbs each which is the same weight as the sandbag lift that is part of the Force test for work?  Yup, even got my exercise in while weeding.
Five beds in total were weeded, dirt added and mulch put on making the front yard at least the talk of the neighborhood once more.  Now if only the puppies will stop digging the grass out and killing stuffies on the back lawn, the back will be equally enjoyable to.

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