Monday, May 5, 2014

Sunshine on Grey Day is a pattern taken from Fons and Porter magazine. I liked it graphic shape not to mention the colors that they used.  Very pretty.  When I saw it, I thought of some yellow and grey prints that I had stored up waiting for just the right project.

So out they came, and were pressed within an inch of their lives and cut into little pieces and then sew and pressed again to make the runner. 
This runner reminds me of my friend Joanne who loves the color yellow. Since daffodils are coming out at home this runner will look lovely beside a vase of the yellow flowers. Since I am not home, I can't put a nice vase of daff's by the runner to show it off for you.

As usual Arlene did the quilting on this, using a light grey thread and leaf and vine pattern. I just love this pattern and ask for it a lot on runners because it suits many of them so nicely.

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