Monday, January 27, 2014

January Charms

Imagine my surprise when I went to the local quilt store and they had some fabric from a line that I had bought as a kit a few years ago.  I had decided that this quilt kit would be my big project for January since it had already been in my possession for two years. Yikes!
 The store was selling bolts by the lb so it was a good deal.  I got 8 meters of fabric for $20. It will make a great backing, and lining for other projects that I may make at Christmas like wine bags or gift bags. 

Rather than use the pattern that came in the kit, I branched out a bit and choose to add some green fabric from Stone Henge as the background.  Not sure I should have or rather I should have pulled the green prints as they do not show up as good as I wish. The spotted fabric was suppose to be part of the circle didn’t quite work out as a secondary circle as I had hoped but that is the way things go sometimes. The pattern is from Fon’s and Porter magazine called Quilting Quickly. It’s called Merry Go Round and is by Hillary Sperry of the Missouri Star Quilt Co.  

It’s a good pattern to use up charm squares if you could not resist a line but didn’t want to spend a fortune on yardage. The pattern comes together okay.  Maybe a bit more breakdown in one area would be good, but reading it over a few times allows you to get a sense of what you need to do. So far six out of twelve blocks are done.

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