Friday, June 14, 2013

Wham, Pow Superhero

While visiting home I stopped at one of three of my local quilt stores to gather a few new things and check out what new fabrics they had brought in. The hubby dropped me off and went to park the car.  In the less than five minutes it took him to park the car, walk the block to the store, I was at the counter with a stack of 7 bolts waiting to have them cut. I think he was a bit shocked.

Who could resist this cutie?
 I don't know why he was surprised.  After all the availability in Pet isn't like it is at home. He should have expected I would be like an woman at a really good shoe sale when I was at the quilt store.  He got off lucky we were only in the store for 30 min. 

But one of the pieces that picked up was this superhero panel.  I was going to adapt it but changed my mind and decided to go with the pattern offered up by Robert Kauffman. I don't normally use panels but this was so cute and I know some folks who are having baby boys so this will be a good quilt to have on hand for those just in case moments.

Now all that remains is to quilt it.  The backing is at home or else I would have completed it on the weekend. I did lucked out and found a striped fabric in the bargain bin with the colors in quilt top that will make it lovely on both sides. I think a circular or oval loops will be good at pulling it all together.

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