Friday, June 21, 2013

New Puppy

For a while now the Mr. and I have been talking about a new dog.  I don’t think there was any discussion about the breed, though I do admit to tossing out a few names just to try to get a raise out of my husband.  It worked every time! In reality I cannot see either of us with a Norwegian Wolfhound or a Yorkie. 

We both like the Shiba Enu’s and had our name down at quite a few places for a puppy.  As their litters are often small, we knew it may be a while before we would get a new dog.  But the Mr. found one that has gotten the sweetest face. The breeder is calling her Sophie and says she eats like a pig. 

Not so keen on the name so we have been scouring Japanese baby names trying to find one that is more suitable to the Japanese heritage of the breed.  Its hard not seeing her in person to choose the right name.  So in a few weeks she will be ours. Arriving all the way from Louisiana. Lets hope she has less hair than the Duck Dynasty fellas who also hail from that state.

The Mr. will have a few weeks with her cause she will beat me home.  But let me tell you summer leave I hope to have a little shadow.  Isn't she just the cutest? I want another one too!

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