Sunday, June 23, 2013

More X and + Blocks

A FAV by NavyRev
A FAV, a photo by NavyRev on Flickr.

I spent some time last week working on these blocks and now have increased my pile to 17 blocks. Sadly it didn't make as big a dent as hoped in my scraps of fabrics.

I have about eight more to make until I will have enough to make a quilt top so you haven't seen the end of these yet. I have tried to keep them a bit matchy - with the x and the + pieces being all the same material.

I would show you more photos of my favorites of these but since Flickr has changed I can't figure out how to show more than one photo in this program that links your Flickr account to Blogger. So much easier to take the photo, load it to Flickr and then blog about it using the photos on their own, despite it means a whole bunch more extra steps.

Via Flickr:
Love these colors together.

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