Tuesday, June 11, 2013

New Projects on the Horizon

Since returning to Pet I have been busy not only recovering from time zones changes and washing a two week pile off laundry I also have cut into some new projects.  One of them was to start the X and Y quilt trying to use up scraps of fabrics that have been collecting or that I have collected while here. 
carnaby street scraps
Carnaby street scraps
In an effort to get some new fabrics I have been purchasing the scrap bags from Hawthorne Threads.  Its such a treat to open the box and see what treasures are inside to play with.  Its great to lay them out and see all that is out there, but of course you have to use it up otherwise it would be a waste. As a result I have made some zipper clutches, ipod holders, and now some nifty blocks. 

The collection of images for this block that I have seen on Flickr show the block at 8".  Rather than work on a smaller scale, I decided to make it 12"  and use up more scraps.  I most likely can make one queen size quilt with the scraps that I have here. And I won't tell you about the scraps that are awaiting me at home this summer. Shhhh- don't tell the hubby!

feeling a bit Russian?

 I think that I am off to a good start with finishing seven blocks.  I plan to do minimum of a block a day. At the end of the month I should have a quilt top ready to take home for quilting by Arlene.

I think this is my favorite.

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