Sunday, May 5, 2013

Marathon Sewing Afternoon

I had the chance to fit in an marathon sewing afternoon yesterday.  I scurried around in the am doing errands and chores and when those where done I sat at the machine and let er rip. It was awesome and good for the soul.

I completed Bento Blocks for Jaclyn at the Joy do good stitches bee. She will cut these into four and then marry them up with the other peoples blocks and come up with a fantastic quilt top. Its a great way to use up scraps.As long as folks use her colors, pink, green, purple, and yellow, it will all go together no matter what shades or tones are used.

I posted about this quilt top before. Like months ago.  It has taken that to get this top together.  In reality it only took 45 minutes do trim and sew but I just couldn't find the time to do it until now.  It measures 39 X 53 and is very bright and colorful. The plan for the back is to do a multi color and fabric back making the quilt look like it is two for one.

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