Thursday, May 2, 2013

Sock Monkey!

Have you seen the Pier One Imports commercial?  The one with the sock monkey in the rocker?  Yeah that one.  I love that snip of commercial.  While I was traveling I happened to load up on quilt magazines and one of them, Simple Quilts and Sewing, had a pattern to make a sock monkey.

So while I was in Walmart this week to get groceries, I bought some work socks, cannabilized a pillow form and set out to make my own sock monkey.  Who knows maybe I will create a collection of funky sock monkeys...

I added a bit more hair and a wide lips as the sock in question did not have a red heel like the pattern did.  Despite that addition, I think he looks pretty good.  Maybe a bit thick in the neck but that is a question more of stuffing him too full. 

I want to do another one since I have the batting and more socks left. I found these inspiring.
sockmonkeys at


 If you are wanting to make a sock monkey check out Operation Sock Monkey for patterns, tips and photos.

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