Saturday, February 2, 2013


My lovely husband, knowing that I was so far from a Starbucks got me a coffee maker for Christmas. Wasn't that sweet.

Verrisimo side view

After a bit of a delay and waiting for a place to put it, I finally have it set up and have had 2 cups of my fav latte.  Ah. ( Three hours later my belly hurts. LOL.  Maybe I should stick to one cup only.)

Unfortunately, my barracks room is dusty.  Yeah I dust and clean every week but still the dust comes.  So I made a cover for my Verrisimo.  While it does not match the cover on the sewing machine or the TV, its in another corner so I am not too worried that it doesn't match. I ordered before Christmas this rigging material by Michael Miller from Hawthorne Threads.  While living in Ontario, I find this company is quite close to get things in a timely fashion and their prices are good too.  I particularly love their scrap packs.  Such neat fabrics that I normally wouldn't get due to my taste and location from suppliers.

While you can't see it, I have used navy cording that wraps on the side and around the top of the cover and finishes it off nicely. It is lined with plain white cotton that I found in the drapery dept of all places.

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