Monday, February 4, 2013

Pretty Little Pouch Swap

I signed up last fall I think it was for the pretty little pouch swap. This Jan they were taking new members and I made my mosaic and did all the other things required.  While I was waiting to be assigned a partner I began to draft and conspire what to make. I came up with three different options, some with multiple pockets, others with zips and others very simple.

When I was assigned my partner, I looked over her Flickr account and pinterest to see what she would like. Her tastes are simple and clean, no fussy things.  She likes rainbows and linen fabric. I sure wish I would have brought my rainbow scraps from three different quilts with me when I was home at Christmas.  It would have been easier to have a lovely rainbow collection. I ended up getting a reasonable rainbow of fabric and some rainbow print on black for the inside lining.

rainbow and linings

I decided before I start my project for my partner I would do a sample pouch for me and see what bugs need to be worked out. So i picked up some oriental with black, white and red.  I have a friend who likes these colors whom I can give it to if it turns out good.

oriental fabrics for a test pouch

I started to cut out hexagons for my partners pouch.  Thinking these are too big for the pouch.  I may have to come up with something else. I have the inside for this pouch figured out, but the outside is eluding me.  Grrr. Three days later I still am stumped about what to do with these hexies. 

hexagons for my partners pouch
 I also sampled a pocket and an elastic to hold pens or spools of thread or something like that.  How come the sample pouch is coming together so much easier than the one for my partner? I also have to remember to visit one of the local gift shops and see what little things I can tuck into my pouch that needs to be done and mailed to my swappee by 8 Feb.  Guess I know what I am doing on the weekend other than church!

pockets and pencil holders

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