Tuesday, February 5, 2013

BirdBath Finish

I took the quilt top to Arlene and was able to pick it up when in Victoria in February. I started the quilt back in 2012 and took a few months to complete the blocks, add to that traveling back and forth between ON and BC it was a bit longer in completion than normal.

quilting close up
Arlene did a fine job on coming up with a quilt pattern to make the quilt pop.  I know we debated for a bit on what pattern to use as the quilt was looking pretty flat in its initial state. But I have to say it looks fantastic.

I backed the quilt in cotton from Connecting Threads.  It has a bit of an Asian feel to it that I thought would work well with the quilt top.

The original pattern is by Elizabeth Hartman of the Oh Fransson fame and you will find it in her first book.  

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