Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Anchors Away

Tula Pink on her blog published a bunch of free patterns and one in particular captured my eye.  Actually it captured the husbands eye, who was looking over my shoulder at the computer screen. He said, " that quilt will look good on the spare room bed."  And he is right.

Later that afternoon we saw some of the fabric line at the local quilt store and I took it at as my sign to do this quilt. The colors when I laid the cuts I got to the color of the bedroom wall worked wonderfully. The octopus pattern really captures the color we have on the walls in that room, so much so I might have to make a few pillows for the bed. I think this boudoir pillow by Venus de Hilo will be perfect.

I had hoped to start this and have the top done over Christmas holidays, but alas I had to order more fabric so I won't be able to get to it until the new year.  Make that late February I think as I wait on more fabric to come. 

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Amy said...

I love Anchors away, plus my husband wants it since he was in the Navy. so I have to decide if I want to use Tula's fabrics or find other blues.