Friday, January 25, 2013

When Pigs Fly

I laugh when I hear the words when pigs fly. There was a shop in Edmonton when I was a teen that was called that.  It was on Whyte Ave on the way to the university, painted bubble gum pink with green and had a big pig on the roof looking like it would lift off.

That brings me to a piece of fabric that I saw at the Cloth Castle.  They had just gotten it in and I think I got the first cut. But it had pigs on it.  So cute.

Pig fabric

It is made by .... drat, I can't find that slip of paper with the designers name on it. 

The pattern that I chose I found in Quilty magazine.  It is a simple pattern but most effective in showing up the fabrics. Unfortunately I don't like the orange in this quilt top.  It stands out too much for my liking, but I will wait and see if quilting will help it out any.

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