Monday, January 28, 2013


UFO's are unfinished objects. I have way too many quilt projects that are in various stages of completion.  Over Christmas leave I was going through some of them, pulling out this one, exclaiming over another, remembering fond memories about others. Since I have a lot of them I decided that I better put some time in on them this new year.  Perhaps if I sew a little bit here and there I will get something done, perhaps even quilted.

So far I have two completed - The Rainbow Rail Fence and the Ice Quilt only needed a binding put on them so I started with them. A few hours catching up with some tv shows, these are done and ready to get photographed and posted. 

icy quilt

rainbow railfence

Moving on to other projects that can be easily completed, I pulled out these blocks, added some new fabrics to them and as a result of two evenings of sewing, I finished off this quilt top.  I had started these blocks a few years ago trying to use up scraps.  They sat unloved and lonely until a few days ago.  Now its ready to head out for a visit to the long arm quilter.

pink and yellow baby quilt
UFO's -
Completed 2

3/4 done- pink and yellow quilt

Less than 1/2 done-
    McKenna Ryan 1,2,3,
    red quilt
    tree quilt
    farmers daughter
    ballentyne quilt

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