Monday, January 14, 2013

Icy Finish

I call this my ice quilt as the colors are to remind you of ice and snow.  While I wish I could take credit for the color combo or the design of the quilt, I was inspired by a quilt by Oh Fransson.  Back two years ago she did up this block wanting it for part of a bee she was in on Flickr.
back of quilt, two in one.
 I loved it and thought I have those colors in abundance in the stash and scrap bins, I can make that.  So I started over Christmas holidays and kept at it until I had enough done to make a top.  I was going to make it bigger but I ran out of steam.  So I took all the bigger pieces and sewed them together to make a scrappy back and sent the lot out to the long arm quilter, Arlene.

Arlene and I chose a variegated turquoise thread and a pattern that was swirly and reminded one of the winter wind blowing across the quilt.  I love how it has all come together.  I wonder if I have enough energy to do one in pink! I certainly have enough fabrics.

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Brigitte said...

Your colors play very well together and this is a really lovely modern quilt!