Tuesday, October 9, 2012

The Baking Edition

A few days ago the radio announcer reminded me that it was 3 months until Christmas.  Yeah.  Now begins the intentional time to make and plan gifts for those special folks in my world. If I see stuff throughout the year, I of course will make a little stock pile of gifts ready but most of my work is done in the fall. 

 I am not one for last minute shopping, fighting for parking, waiting in long lines and dealing with grumpy people.   In fact, as I get older I find that the internet shopping method is appealing more and more if I cannot get items in Oct and November.  

As many folks know I prefer to make a lot of my gifts and I believe that most folks appreciate the time and thought that went into it. One of the things I start around this time, is planning the cookies and bars that will be wrapped up into neat little gift boxes and either shipped or given away.  Some of my recipes are inherited from Grandma and are wonderful memories of Christmas past.  Others are new from parishioners who passed them along when I expressed delight in how fantastic was their baking.  

The last three years I have also added recipes from Canadian Living.  They put out a Christmas baking edition whose recipes have been tested til perfect and they turn out every time.  Every time. 

The magazine is a bit pricey but it is so worth it. I collected mine on the weekend at the local drugstore and have my eyes on about 11 different recipes.  Since I am living in barracks, I am not sure if I will get any baking done prior to going home or if I will do a baking binge when I get home in December.  Maybe the ingredients and baking supplies will determine if I will be baking or not… Don’t coconut lime squares or salted peanut caramel squares sound good.

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