Saturday, October 13, 2012

Cool Britannian update

The cool Britannia line is back on my flannel wall now that the bird bath quilt top is done. I have added two more blocks that I found on quilters cache by Marcia Hohn.  I love that site for the collection of blocks. 

The latest blocks are Castles in spain    and   Wild Goose Chase

I need to do a few more blocks to fill it out a bit.  I find I am struggling between making it a sampler style quilt and a more of an improve quilt.  I know there is a line between the two, but I haven’t quite found where this quilt top is leading me.  It’s like that sometimes when you don’t really have a solid plan for what you are doing. I find there are times I don’t want a plan or rules to follow and that is when I do an improve quilt. I struggle though, maybe I need to do some more reading or investigation of those quilters who do it all the time and see what tips they have to offer me that might help my process. 

In the meantime I am off to make some star blocks.  For some reason I think this quilt needs some more stars. 

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