Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Travel Day Three

Day Three I found to be a very hard driving day.  We drove across Montana which seemed to take forever to get across.  Its amazing how little you can cover driving at 120 km speed limit. Okay maybe you cover more distance than expected but it sure took a long time to get to Billings.

And we did take a bit longer to leave Missoula than planned cause I wanted the opportunity to pick up a few things at Target and other stores that I could not get in Canada. I can finally understand the appeal of Target that my US friends talk about in their blog. They had some really great items that were helpful for traveling and some nice things that will work wonderfully for my barrack room. 

Did I mention that I am living in barracks when I got to ON?  Yup.  They are pretty spartan let me tell you.  Needless to say I wanted a few things to make settling in a bit easier. I regret that I passed over a few things now that I have gotten into my room and realize that a little bit or piece would have been perfect.  Oh well.  Improvise right? 

I am not sure if I mentioned that I planned our route based on two things.  Hotels and Starbucks locations. If a hotel had a Starbucks close or even in the hotel, then we were staying there.  Unfortunately there is no Starbucks in Petawawa.  You can see the culture change as you go across the country be it US or Canada.  Ontario has more Tim Horton's and other coffee chains while the West Coast has much more Starbucks per city than Tim's.  Sadly I am missing Starbucks.  Next time I visit Ottawa I have to buy some bottles of syrup and make my own Cinnamon Dolce Latte at home.  It won't be the same but it will be close enough to take the craving away....

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