Thursday, August 23, 2012

Travel Day Four

The fourth day of our great adventure had up up on the road by 0800 and on our way to Bismark North Dakota. It was a lovely drive from Montana into North Dakota with new landscapes to view and remark over.

As we were driving we were seeing a lot of smoke plums from fires that had been started during the night from electrical storms or campers who were not watching their fires close enough.  What a shame. One of the places that we stopped  at was Painted Hills.  It is too bad that we did not have more time to walk some of the trails and see the landscape up close a bit more. 
Ted at Painted Hills
Ted at Painted Hills
 Craig was good enough to pose for a photo as well that I can add to my collection of images.  Looking at the background it almost looks unreal, like a painted image that is just slid behind the object like they do on stage. But it is the real thing.  Very similar to Southern Alberta and Saskatchewan if you are familiar with them.

DH at Painted Hills
Craig, Painted Hills ND
One thing that I really appreciated on our trip was US pullouts or rest stops.  Most were well used with coffee shops, water and a helpful soul to provide directions or information about the area. Most had a historical item that they wanted to share be it about famous battles or settlers that influences the area.  Very different than a lot of Canadian rest stops.  I think we can do a bit of improving there.  It sure makes the trip a bit more enjoyable knowing there are these places ahead to look forward to. 

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