Friday, August 24, 2012

On the road for day Five

So our road trip resumed on day five.  This time we went from Bismark, a pretty place by the way, to South Dakota.  I am sure there were more direct routes than the one we took, but we were angling down so that we would avoid much of Chicago and go well below the bottom of Lake Michigan.

Again we were treated to a new landscape as we traveled.  Things were much greener and lush with many crops growing high and waiting for the sun to make them ready for harvest in a few weeks. Craig wanted us to go to Mount Rushmore, but with hotel rooms being $250 plus a night I was unwilling to foot the bill and go that far out of our way. Perhaps another trip we can go just to see that but not this one. Instead he got treated to a meal at IHOP as a there, there dear! 

South Dakota
  Ted arrives in SD

Our final destination for this days was Sioux Falls.  I really liked what I saw in this city and wished that I could have stayed a bit longer to explore a bit more. 

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