Wednesday, August 29, 2012

The Last of the Travel Days

I had nine days to get to Petawawa.  I have blogged about five of those days.  Some of the other things that we did was stop in Minnesota at the Green Giant Statue.  Man is he big.  Made of fiberglass he towers over the small town that he is in.
Its just not the same
You can see Craig there between his legs (I know kind of rude) but you get a sense of the scale of this statue.  Amazing.  I also like this little water container that they had outside the visitors center. Very sweet and a fun find in the natural low water garden.

Water bucket 

We also went to Sioux Falls SD.  I really liked this town and wished we had more time there.  We also travelled in to Iowa so that I could see some of the area where my greatgrandfather and his cousins came from . At one rest stop they had a neat display about quilt blocks which is really let me read about the underground railroad in that state. 
More quilts showing the way

We crossed a few well known  rivers that I have read about and that was neat to see how wide and dirty they were.  You can see the affects of industry on the environment in the rivers. 
 Ted in Michigan

Driving through Michigan, while it is a pretty state, it certainly needs some road work done big time.  Not good to travel when you are desperate for a bathroom break that's for sure. Our trip went really smoothly until we got to Michigan by the way. Cause there was a bit of road work changing our route, we found ourselves venturing down new paths and having a bit of a marital dispute as the husband said we should go one way and the driver glimpsing a sign amongst the foliage would take us another.  But we worked through it.  But I don't think that we will be returning soon.  Sorry Michigan.  It was just a bit too much.

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