Thursday, August 30, 2012

Swoon with everyone else in Blog land

Back in the spring, I purchased the Swoon pattern from Camille so I could make my own version of it.  I started making a pile of fabrics only to get stopped because it becoming more about individual blocks rather than a cohesive look.  I think I need to find a fabric line that has a wide variety of fabrics and use them instead.  But what to pick.  There are so many options out there. 
swoon 2

In the meantime, one of the girls on the Joy@ do.good Stitches bee requested these blocks for her month.  While it was easy enough break down the pattern and make one block, it was a bit slow going cause I did not know how many pieces to cut out or where I wanted stuff to go. Needless to say my handy design wall saved the day and allowed me to lay it out and get sense what color should go where.

swoon block 1
They turned out really nice and the pattern is very simple to make. So I definitely need to make my own version - but what fabric to choose.... Maybe I can use up some Joel Dewberry that I got last fall..  Hmmm.  

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