Tuesday, August 21, 2012

The Great Adventure Day 2

The next day saw us getting up early and hitting the road so that we could be in Montana with good time. I had no idea that Washington State was so wide.  Very lovely and pretty place to drive thru though forest fires were just starting was we were driving.  Idaho, or the bit we went though did not leave much of an impression.  Sorry Idaho.  I think if we would have gone more south I would have more to say. 

Fields of wind turbines
wind turbines

Once we hit Montana it was much like I expected to see from a previous trip to the State.  It was super dry and windy.  Great for the fields of wind turbines that we found growing up along the interstate.  I have never seen so many turbines in one location.

One lovely spot we found was in Ritzville. We had stopped there for a fast lunch, only the place we wanted we couldn't access easily.  So I went to their main street area and found was a pleasant surprise.  While the quilt store was closed we did find a lovely mexican restaurant to pass an hour in and recharge our batteries.  I would definitively go back again. Ted also had to get his photo taken with the bronze statue that was hanging out on main street.

Photo op in Ritzville
photo op in Ritzville

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