Monday, August 20, 2012

Lara and Teds Summer Adventure

I was reminded with all the back to school commercials on TV lately that my teachers in grade school would always start the year asking what we did for our summer.  My summer could be summed up as a very full one with much change and running around.  Earlier in the year I was told I would be moved from the West Coast to the an army unit in the middle of the country.  While the opportunity to experience some new things is much appreciated,  I don't relish being so far from home.

So anyways, this summer I drove across the country to get to my new kinda home. I don't know what else to call it cause home is where the heart, darling husband and dog and your quilting fabrics are! Since I had only 9 days to get there, we ( cause the DH came with) decided that we would go thru the US and see the sights a bit too. At the risk of sounding like the song, I've been everywhere man, that is what it felt like as we drove across the States and back into Canada.

Now I have entitled this post Lara and Ted's Summer Adventure.  Who is Ted?  Ted is a stuffed bear that Craig gave me when he was first posted out to Regina back in 2007- 2010.  Ted was to keep me company and it seemed fitting that he would do so on this trip as well.
Ted at Olympic National Park
Ted at Olympic National Park
We started our trip at the Coho ferry terminal and went to Port Angeles.  Once there we went to the Olympic National Park.  What a beautiful place to spend some time.  It is so high above the ocean that it can make one think that you are so far away from the water, but of course you are not.
Olympic Mountain Range
the beautiful range
 From here we drove to Tacoma.  This is was a great place to spend the first night, since we had begun with such an early morning.  Since we were before our check in time, we went to the Museum of Glass. I got to tell you it was a bit of an adventure to find it with all the crossing roads and roadworks mucking things up, but we found it. If you have not gone there, you must.  It is a stunning visual display.  So much color and light that blows the mind and has you asking just how did they do that.  My favorite was the overhead collection of glass in the outdoor walk way.  I am sure they have a name for it but it reminded me of  coral reef pictures.  And all the pieces of glass that had to be made to complete the display.  Amazing.
Raining flowers of glass
the glass ceiling at MOG, Tacoma WA

We stayed overnight in a boutique hotel, Hotel Murano that tied in nicely with the glass shown at the museum.  Indeed the whole hotel had displays all over the hotel showing neat works of art.  My favorite were the glass oars and the horse.  Yup.  I did say horse. 

Glass oars
glass oars above the fireplace at the the bar

 I think these oars would look awesome in our house.  I can see them on the wall above our dining room chest.  Of course I can never afford the price of them, but I can dream and see them in my visual decor plan.
Straight from the Horses Mouth
dh and the horse lamp
The horse lamp, what a conversation piece.  Can you imagine coming into someones house and being confronted with this?  What a great way to start a conversation, don't you think. And at a party, there would be some soul who had too much on board who would be found chatting with them. 

So that is the first day of our trip.  Stay tuned for day two. 

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