Saturday, August 4, 2012

Going Au Naturel

I must admit using colors like cream, brown and beige are challenging for me.  Next to orange they are my less favorite colors in the spectrum even though I know there is a place for them and have seen folks make some really wonderful quilts or garments using these colors. It might surprise you to know that I have a foot high pile of brown fabrics in my cupboard too.

 That said I have been trying to use up these fabrics and make some brown quilts.  Some of them are mixed with other colors like turquoise or orange and I quite like how they look. I recently went into the scrap bin and used up a pile of them. Looking closely at these simple squares, I am stunned to see how many old, as in more than 7 years old, pieces of fabric that I have in there.  Good thing I did something to use them up.

This is a simple patchwork with a brown square in square quilting on top to make it all come together.  Good job on that quilting Arlene, I know it was a bit tedious.  Good thing it wasn't a bigger quilt, right!

close up of quilting

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