Thursday, August 2, 2012

Laundry Day

For those of you who went to university, can you remember when it was laundry day? You certainly could tell when it was laundry day for some folks, as they would be all dressed up cause they had nothing else to wear except their dress cloths.  I can even remember some of the guys talking about going commando because they had no undies.  TMI.

What I remember the most is heaving a cotton pink bag full of laundry down many flights of stairs to the laundry room. Then after folding it nicely, carting it all the way back up to my dorm room to put away, clean albeit slightly wrinkled from its bagged journey back up the stairs.

Anyways, I need a laundry bag.  I have a little one I toss in my suitcase to put my dirty undies in while I travel, but I need another bag. This time it is a duffel style bag.  Truly it is just the same size as my combat duffel bag but instead of the that horrid drab green it is full of color.  The husband was a bit surprised that it wasn't pink.  If I could have found some decor weight fabric in pink that I liked for a reasonable price I might have considered it. My fabric came from Fabric. com where I got the best deal on 10 yards of Kona ash and these decor weight fabric.  The shipping was a bit steep, but overall it was a good service and experience.

My pattern for this duffel bag was not my combat duffel, but a pattern from Sew 4 home.  They did up a great tutorial for this bag that was easy to follow and not problem to make at all.  Indeed my biggest challenge was finding the right foot for the dang sewing machine.  But I have found my owners manual and should be back on track once more. 
Duffel Laundry bag

Bet I surprised you with my color choices being black and yellow. It might be a bit busy in patterns, but it works for me. Besides no one ( at least the men) won't be taking it.  And the strap, that you can see in the top of the bag will be handy when it comes time to lug it upstairs.

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