Tuesday, July 31, 2012

When your Green...

The title makes you think of Kermit doesn't it?  Back in April, I had a binge of trying to use up scraps. I pulled out brown, pink and green separating all of them and cutting them into various shapes.  Grabbing a background from the cupboard, I went to work making some baby quilts of these pieces.
Green fields baby quilt

The pink and green are essentially the same pattern ( 2.5 x 6.5") just turned different ways with sashing of 1" or 2" between it, either horizontally or vertically.  I must say I quite like them and find them very effective as a method to use up some scraps without a whole lot of work.  I must remember to try this again in some other color ways.  Can't you see it  monochromatic in shades of blue or aqua, or a bit more peppy in chocolate with orange and grey...

close up of quilting
Right, get out the pencil and put it on your IDEA list. The back is a soft cotton check in green with a runway line up the middle of more scraps of green.  The quilting is the ever effective double loop pattern in a variegated green done by the lovely Arlene.

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