Thursday, July 5, 2012

Skulls and Pirates

Back in 2000 I made a black and white quilt using Barrister blocks.  From this quilt I had some leftovers, 1/2 square triangles in the black and white swirl.  I decided to use up some white & silver scraps along with a half meter cuts of skulls and pirates and black and red florals.   I played with some different configurations until I came up with this one.

its even busier in person.
 I got to say this is a busy quilt.  There is a lot of pattern and movement.  Even the subject shown on the material, skulls, would appeal to a very special person who will love it. I envision some one like Abby from NCIS.... The quilt measures 40 X 55 inches and made from 100 % cotton front and back with a polyester batting.
random triangular quilting

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