Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Freedom of the City

I have been very lucky as in the past six years in Victoria there have been two freedom of the city events that the military has been able to participate in.  The first was for the city of Victoria and the second was for the city of Esquimalt.  Sadly I was away last week when it was held but that does not stop me from posting some pictures of the day.   If you haven't seen a large group of organized marchers in uniform, its quite something to see and hear.  Shouts of orders to move in certain ways, stomp of boots, and the beat of drums to give cadence to the marchers.

I personally am a horrible marcher.  While I don't bear walk,and yes you should picture it as it sounds, I don't move smoothly and gracefully.  Why in fact on my basic training I came very close to hitting someone in the groin when they got to close to me from behind while marching and my arm went back a bit too far! LOL.

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