Saturday, June 16, 2012

Bryan Adams Concert

Bryan Adams by crumj
Bryan Adams, a photo by crumj on Flickr.

Last night the Dh and I were at the Bryan Adams concert in Victoria. We started the evening off with dinner at the Bengal Lounge in the Empress Hotel. If you have not stopped there, you really must, even if its for drinks. Its an awesome room full of character. Think England in Africa in the 1800's, genteel. Anyways we had a short rib poutine ( AWESOME), and Indian curry buffet. I also had a lemon drop martini to wash it down. From there we went on to the concert.
The setting of course is an arena, but they had one massive screen behind the performer and two side ones to allow you to see him up close. The lighting was simple, nothing fussy or elaborate. They did some neat effects, like a mic camera that they snowed so you could see his face up close while he sang.
The crowd was mixed in ages but mostly 40+ or as one of the tweeters prior to the concert said, its cougar town here! LOL. Bryan Adams sang for about 2 hr 15 min straight and they moved all over the stage. No wonder he is so slim and trim.... Most of the songs were classic, not that many from the newer album, sad to say but I guess I can play it them on my ipod. Over all a good show and well worth the money.

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