Thursday, June 7, 2012

Brought to you by Tablet

I currently am writing this blog post from Ontario on my new tablet compliments of Mr. NavyRev! I'm literally so close to New York state all I need to do is swim the mile across the St. Lawrence river. I have lucked out and hit great weather for ON, not too hot and humid and not too many bugs. ick.  Sounds like i will luck out going back west too and arrive in time for good weather.  So what have i been up to? At chaplaincy meetings with 249 of my colleagues. We have been in many meetings so not much time for the embrodery project I took along. I found a simple red work sailor girl,can't remember what site i found it on but it is sweet enough to make into a sweet pillow.
 we went to ST ANDREWS UNITED CHURCH in Williamston to celebrate the Battle of 1812. This is a gorgeous old church. I also got to hang out wit Marty who moved back to ON last year. So that is about it for me this week. Next week i will be back with quilty things to share.

And he is worried bout double chins! lol

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