Thursday, May 17, 2012

Ye of Little Faith

It was a busy day to be sure.  I began the day the same way I ended it, rushing. Perhaps not the best way to begin and end as I feel flustered always wondering what I forgot. It was a full day, much of it spent in meetings or interviews with folks whose worlds had become very messy and chaotic.  I did a bit of work, only a bit mind you, (like 30 min) as I rushed from thing to thing.  This is the second day in a row I was eating my lunch at 3pm. I don`t like that, and has the Dh will tell you, I get grumpy....

One thing that I did do today was attend a summary trial.  There were 4 charges for the member, two of them for drug usage which is serious. While watching the proceedings unfold, I was struck by how many folks chose to swear their oath to tell the truth on the bible.  It is a simple thing, but can be a very powerful ritual action if one thinks on it.  For at least two of those folks in the proceedings whom I know to be regular church attenders, the action is tied to a deep personal faith. They are making a covenant with God in their testimony to the presiding officer or judge.  For the others I am not so sure how much faith is involved.  But...

In such a simple action, choosing to swear on the bible, is there not an opportunity for the Holy Spirit to work.   I think so.  After all Jesus reminds us that even a little faith can be enough.  While the military setting can sometimes be a graceless place, and certainly far removed from a church community or its values, I believe there is faith.  Some days that might be a little as a mustard seed, but it is enough for God to work and move. 

On the quilting front, not too much is getting done this week.  Low energy and too many other chores, but I have big plans for the weekend.  Especially those days that are suppose to be rainy! Dh watch out cause you are on for all meals and chores those days!

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