Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Joy Blocks

April Joy blocks by NavyRev
April Joy blocks, a photo by NavyRev on Flickr.

I have been busy working away here. The weather on the west coast has finally improved which means the grass, and weeds have gone poof! So between yard work, work, chores and sewing it makes for a busy weekend. I am finding many weeknights my energy for sewing hasn't been all that great which means puttering in fits and starts.
So what am I working on? I have about 5 quilts to hand stitch binding on along with two tops that I need to sew the blocks together. One of those is the bee blocks from the Joy do good stitches. I just love how these blocks are turning out, they will make a really pretty quilt top that will be a large twin or small double bed size. I still have to put together the granny squares too. And while digging in a cupboard I found some old blocks that I should do something with, so those too are on the wall being contemplated.

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