Saturday, May 19, 2012

I stand Relieved, Sir. I have the Watch, Sir.

On Friday I had the opportunity to be the official "pray - er" at a Change of Command Ceremony for HMCS Regina. As is the custom every few years the Commanding Officer moves on to new tasks and opportunities making way for another to take command of the ship and crew. So the ships company, various senior officers, family and friends gathered to see the festivities of the day. If I can explain the day using sounds, it would be summed up in stomps of boots coming to attention, O Canada played by the band, quiet pride and great affection for the ones leaving and coming. For those who are unsure what this event is, essentially it legally gives the captain control of the ship. His drivers license and authority from the Royal Canadian Navy to drive the ship and care for its people. Commander Jason Boyd is the new Co, ironically enough from Rosetown SK, a few hours away from Regina the capital of Saskatchewan, and who the ship is named after and has close ties to.

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