Tuesday, May 22, 2012

The Tale of the Naked Espresso Maker

Naked Espresso Maker by NavyRev
Naked Espresso Maker, a photo by NavyRev on Flickr.
There was an espresso maker who sat on a counter, lonely and naked. He screamed out for a fancy piece of fabric to cover him and make him pretty. So.... here is a cover for him.

I found the fabric ( Michael Miller French Roast) at one of the local quilt stores, Cloth Castle when I was in there last week.  It was a great find, brand new and I got the first meter of it!  I just love it and the Riley Blake dot binding gives it a shot of pop.  I also had enough scraps left that I made a little mug rug (not shown).  The next thing that I will make out of this will be a cup warmer.  Wouldn't that look good around a mug of joe? 

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