Thursday, May 24, 2012

The Politically Correct Cowboys and Aboringinal People Quilt

I have been trying to be diligent and use up fabric that has been in the closet way to long. You know the pieces that you just have to have cause they are so beautiful but you don't want to cut into them or the novelty prints that you aren't quite sure how to use? Yeah,  I know you have them in your stash too. Since the novelty print pile is at my eye level and it is counting about 16 meters/ 16 cuts, I thought I would start whittling them down.

As I was working on a quilt top using one of a trio of patterns from Me and My Sister designs, I thought I would test out another pattern of theirs and see how that went.  It went well.  Easy to follow and put together.  The hardest thing for me was deciding on what fabrics I was going to use.

from me and my sister designs Easy as 7-8-9

 Anyways I pulled out this subtly shaded western print.  Not sure who the fabric line is now or even if you could find it. All i can tell you is it has a cowboy and Indian and bank robber theme.  Since its now politically incorrect to use the term Indian and it can be confused with other Indian groups, I named the quilt Cowboys and Aboriginal People quilt. It measures 40X 41 inches and is backed in a multi colored green flannel.

Cowboys and Aboriginal People Quilt

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